29 FUN Ideas To Put Your Apartment Event Calendar On Auto Pilot

We know that coming up with new ideas for events can be a little taxing. So, we’ve created a list of almost 30 event ideas you can put on for your apartment community. Some are short and sweet, requiring little to no commitment or investment, while others are much more thought out with lots of details and involvement. Yeah, you'll feel like an entertainer from a tropical resort, but it will help you build bonds with your residents, and they will build bonds with each other. Take a look at a few of these Ideas and consider making a suggestion to the Office!

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1) Food Truck Night

Food trucks are an awesome way for an apartment community to throw a party without stressing about catering. It's also a great way to introduce new residents to the culture, sights, sounds, and tastes of their new home. Invite the best local food trucks to park in your community. Play some music and create a voucher so residents get a sampling from all of the trucks. You can even create a simple scorecard so residents can vote on their favorites. Make an award and crown a food truck champion.

2) Business Networking

BNI has made a mint off of this concept. BUT, it is because it is valuable and it is always good to know what your neighbors do in their work life. You give every person 60 seconds “elevator pitch” to talk about what they do and hand out cards, or if someone is looking for a job they can say that as well. The more connections you help your residents create, the more stable they will be in their jobs, the more likely they will be able to stay with you.

3) Community Rummage Sale

With only a few tables and some spring cleaning, you've got yourself the ultimate tag sale and the ultimate resident event idea. Residents can socialize with their neighbors while selling the things they no longer need. At the end of the day, donate any remaining items to a local charity. This is a fun way to host a feel-good resident event.

4) Bonfires & S'mores Under the Stars

A perfect resident event that's fun for kids and parents alike. A bonfire with all of the s'more ingredients provided is a sure memory maker. Get the kids engaged and their parents will join the party.

5) Cooking Classes

Have a group of aspiring chefs? Bring a professional chef to your community to teach a cooking skills class. One great recipe, some kitchen basics, and a hungry crowd and you've got a recipe for resident event success!

6) Pool Party with Characters

If your community has a pool for residents, kick your pool party up a notch by inviting popular characters for the kids. Talk to parents about the characters their children are most excited to see or go for the classics. This is an awesome idea for using the amenities your community already provides in a new and exciting way. Plus, it's an amazing photo opportunity for social media.

7) Karaoke Contest

Nothing brings people together quite like a karaoke night. Get a microphone and let them loose. Your residents will feel like rock stars.

8) Movie Screenings on the Lawn

Pop some popcorn and spread out the blankets, this is a resident event your community will remember. Hang a sheet or rent a screen and play a classic film. Everyone will have a great time watching a movie on the lawn under the stars. Just make sure that your film of choice is family-friendly.

9) Fun Run

Start a group for both amateur and serious runners. A running club helps bring the athletic community of your property together. Make t-shirts and pick a property-based team name and you're set. Want to take your club even further? Pick a charitable cause and host a 5K to support it. It's a great way to show the personal investment you have in your community.

10) Spooky Costume Contest

A perfect Halloween event, hold a spooky dinner with a costume contest as the finale. Offer lots of candy and prizes to winners across multiple categories — best kid's costume, scariest, most creative, to name just a few. It's the perfect way to kick off (or end) a night of trick-or-treating.

11) Inflatables Day

Order a fleet of inflatable rides to your property and host a field day for kids. A cotton candy machine, ice cream, and tug-of-war are all welcome additions. While the kids are occupied, offer beverages and food to their parents while they socialize.

12) Poolside Casino Night

This is another great resident event for the competitive bunch. Hire a professional dealer and turn the night into a Las Vegas-themed party. Think Elvis, cocktails, and blackjack. Instead of playing for money, you can offer amazing prizes for all ages. Feeling charitable? Proceeds can also go to a charity of your choice.

13) Community Outreach Weekend

There are so many great charitable causes for your community to get involved in. To maximize your community’s outreach, help your residents form their own community outreach group. From organizing a can drive to volunteering at a soup kitchen, there's no limit to the good work you can accomplish when you work together. It's the feel-good, do-good resident event idea every community should encourage.

14) Gameday Tailgating

Football season, baseball season, any season is good for tailgating. Rent a screen and projector and display the sporting event of your choice. Designate a closed lot, provide the snacks, and let your residents enjoy the camaraderie.

15) Scavenger Hunt

Divide your residents into teams and give them a list of clues or riddles to solve. Lead residents across your community and get everyone involved in solving the clues. Make a map, mark an X, even bury some treasure.

16) Silent Auction

A favorite event for seniors, an auction can be held on a rotating schedule to attract everyone in your community. From art, antiques, cars, to travel vacations, cruises, and sports tickets, there's something for everyone.

great event idea for apartment communities super hero and cereal17) Super Heros and Cereal

This is a great way to get families together on a Saturday morning. Turn on the TV to cartoons or rent a new release of some Superhero Movie on a Saturday morning and provide a few types of cereal and some milk. You are set. Bring in someone to do balloon animals to seal the deal.

18) Start A Running/ Walking Club

This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and get some exercise in. You can do this weekly, a lot of these groups meet on a Tuesday or Thursday evening, or You can do Saturday morning. Whatever works for the bulk of people. You can have fun with it and have t-shirts made, but the key is to help your group stay active together.

19) Pumpkin Carving

This is an ALL-Time Favorite for families! If you have any creative tingle you can really have fun with this. The key is to have the pumpkins already gutted and to sprinkle some cinnamon on the tops. This helps them let off an amazing smell once they are lite. If you prefer, you can provide small lights to put in the pumpkins instead of them being a fire hazard.

20) Various Tournaments

These are great to get people competing, playing with each other, and having general fun. You can do these as teams, as families, or individually. Types if tournaments can include: cornhole, yard games, balloon toss, etc.

21) Board Game Bonanza

Board games are always fun! Sometimes it might take a minute to get everyone into it, but once you do the fun will really start. There are tons of strategic, deep thinking games out there, and simple card games. You can give out fun prizes from vendors for the winners.

22) Donut For Dads/ Dudes

This is always great around fathers day. But, it can be used any time you want to get the guys with the kids together or to say thank you.

23) Muffins for Moms

This should be one you do every week, Mom's are awesome! But, this is a great way to show some appreciation to the ladies in our lives.

24) Car Wash Weekend

This can be done a few different ways. You provide the soap, towels, and water and then you can either let anyone who wants to come to wash their car wear it out, or you can get the kids to come to wash the cars to make tips from residents. Either way, be prepared for a water fight to break out…ha

25) Animal Talks

The zoo is always looking for a reason to come out and promote themselves. But, this would be really cool to have one of their experts bring out an animal of some kind and let the people meet it. Huge for kids or anyone with an interest in animals.

26) Puppy or Kitty Care Talks

If you allow pets in your property then this may be a big draw. You can have a local expert from a pet store or pet groomer come out and talk about some general care tips. Let them have some items for purchase or give out coupons to the store. It will help the residents take better of their fur babies.

27) Wined Down Wednesday

Wine can be expensive. But, you can get a vendor to help you split to cost. Have a few bottles of wine, pose it as a class about wine. Let some people try it out. Have a local grocery store send their wine expert to talk about the wines. They normally love it!

28) Easter Egg Dying Fun

This is another one that kids love! And, dying Easter Eggs often gets put off to the last minute with busy schedules of parents in the day to day living. Who hasn't almost forgotten or put it off to the last minute? I guarantee the parents in your property will be extremely thankful for your help carving out time to help them do this. Provide a few egg dying kits, or tell them to bring their own. Have some coloring sheets out so the kids can color after they dye eggs.

29) Pool Games

This is a pretty easy one to pull off of you have a pool on your property. You can run a volleyball tournament. You can come up with other ideas of things like having them ring hoops on each other or shooting a ball in hoops in the pool. Creating teams of people will help them bond even more! Yeah, you'll feel like an entertainer from a tropical resort, but it will help you build bonds with your residents, and they will build bonds with each other.

We hope you find this information helps with your event planning calendar for your property over the next several months! How do you get your events attended? The next step in having a great event is having people show up? At AVA, we have created a fun and interactive interface to help you get your events attended.

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