33 Ways To Make Sure Your Property Thrives!

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There is a ton that goes into making sure a property performs at its peak…Or just makes sure it stays on its tracks some days.. So, we created a list of 33 things to consider to help make sure your property thrives and not just merely survives.

  1. Let Your Light Shine 🌞

    Be contagious, Be positive, smile a bunch, and be encouraging! Your attitude will rub off on others and affect your staff and residents. So, if you want to have a healthy community then you need to lead from the top with your smile and enthusiasm.

  2. OTOD- “One Team One Dream”

    Pick up the slack for your team. IF maintenance is too busy, close out their work orders. If the office is too busy, maintenance can give packages to residents coming in.

  3. Family Feelings🤗

    Make the residents feel like family. Show them you care about them and they will care about you. Plus, They won’t ever want to leave you. Show them “the love”.

  4. Build A Sense Of Community

    Keep your residents engaged and active. Plan fun events so they can meet each other and build relationships with other residents. The more engaged and happy your residents are the more loyal they will be to you. This is the main reason we created AVA. Our goal is to help you turn your property into an engaged community. 

  5. Respond To Peoples Requests Quickly

    Make people feel important and like they matter. Even if maintenance can’t fix it in a day, they can at least come to look at the problem in 24 hours (business days) to let the resident know they care. One of AVA’s features allows for messaging and the ability for residents to see status updates on requests.

  6. The Power Of Process

    Have standard operating procedures in place for paperwork and common situations. This way it doesn't matter who is covering the office, everyone will get the same level of service.

  7. Be Prepared!👷🏽‍♀️

    This doesn’t apply just to Boy Scouts. Have applications, leases, and other documentation ready when you say you will. Of course, things will get in the way, but don't make it a habit. You want it everything to run smoothly so if an issue does arise it can handled easily.

  8. Happy Vendors Happy Life

    Positive Vendor relationships are a must. If you treat them like they are they to serve you and nothing else, then they will not be there to serve you when you need them most. If you treat them like a part of the team then they will be there when you have an emergency and need all hands on deck.

  9. Choose Vendors Wisely 🤔

    Find Vendors you trust. Just because they are the cheapest out there doesn't always mean they are the best. Make sure you get references, and do a little bit of homework before committing.

  10. Communicate!

    If a resident is waiting for something to be prepared and you obtain a new piece of information, call and tell them. Even if it is not going to be fixed today, it lets them know you are working on it. If a team member asks you a question and you don't have an answer right away, continue to let them know you are working on it. AVA- Your Community Concierge has features that allow for easy communication with you and your residents using push notifications, text messages, emails, and internal messages.( Want more info?)

  11. Link Up With Associations

    Be involved in your local apartment association and let your team be as well. It keeps you up to date on the latest happenings in the apartment world and allows your team to feel they are apart of something bigger- Because they are!

  12. Be Transparent👻

    Not this doesn’t mean for you to disapper.. ha! But, If you forgot to do something, just say it. Chances are good, people are going to assume you're a lying anyway, so just don't.

  13. Praise In Public, Criticize In Private 

    Support your team in public, make them feel good and recognized about the job they are doing. If things need to be reprimanded or changed, discuss that behind closed doors. No one likes feeling called out, it’s embarrassing. So, being a professional with your staff will make them respect you more and pay dividends in the end.

  14. Get Those Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Property ratings and reviews are everything! Respond to negative reviews in a positive way and foster relationships that allow you to encourage positive reviews. 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation (brightlocal 2017)

  15. Befriend Competition

    Build relationships with the competition. You never know when you may need them. Instead of looking at the big shiny new property down the road as a threat, see them as an asset. They are going to bring in a lot of decent traffic that is unqualified for them but may be just what you need. If you have built a good relationship, they will send them your way!

  16. Resident Events 

    They can be as inexpensive or as lavish as you want. Just do them. Give the residents another reason to call your community home. Allow them to build relationships with neighbors and the staff that makes them never want to leave. Inside of AVA, you can promote all of the events, allow your residents to RSVP, and send out reminders to them so they don’t forget. If you would like to see how AVA works, then feel free to request a demo or more information

  17. Market Surveys

    We know this can be daunting, who likes MORE paperwork? But, Do them, even if you are not required to, and share your information promptly with the competition when they ask.

  18. Listen!👂

    Listen to your residents, coworkers, prospects, Vendors. Don't assume you know everything. Who knows, you may learn something new.

  19. Property Upkeep Is HUGE!✨

    Do everything in YOUR ability to make your property look amazing! Even if you don't have the budget to add new things (or fix broken things), you do have the ability to pick up every piece of trash on that property. IF your trash is overflowing or the office is dirty, don't wait for maintenance or housekeeping to come. The first impression is everything.

  20. Get Vendors Involved In Events 🎉

    Trust me, they want to be involved. It helps them promote their product and meet the residents. So, Ask them for donations (if allowed) and invite them to come to your events. It will let residents get to know the extension of your staff that will be on the property and make your vendors feel like a part of the team. We love being involved in events at properties we work with!

  21. Digital Marketing Is A Must

    Almost everyone out there looking for an apartment has the internet at their fingertips, you need to be there for them to find you. So, making sure you have some sort of advertising on the web is important to drive awareness. You can also do some great things with Facebook ads to target very specific groups of people.

  22. Be Open To Change And New Ideas👌🏻

    This industry is constantly changing, and that's not a bad thing. Change with it. Be flexible. Embrace new ways and new technologies. This is one reason we created AVA, to find a better way to help you build a stronger community the way your residents live their lives now.. on the go on their phone. ( get more info on how AVA can help you!)

  23. Power Of Social Media

    Create an awesome social media presence, the kind that makes other people want to be you. Take fun photos of the staff and residents working and living. Let people know this is the place to live. Also, encourage your residents to share and like your social media posts. They will be more than happy to help you spread the work on social media.

  24. Be Professional🙊

    DO NOT talk about your company, your residents, your coworkers, your competition or anyone else in a negative way. There is a time and place for problem-solving conversations. In front of residents is never that time. Plus, like has been stated previously, you don’t want to create an environment of discord through your attitude. Keep people happy and confident in you and your company, and services.

  25. Stay Open-Minded When You Are Presented With A Concern

    And, make sure The resident is always treated with respect. In this business, the customer is not always going to be right, but you can still make them feel like you respect them and value their opinion. They have a complaint for a reason, it may be a miss understanding, but once they feel heard it will make them feel better.

  26. Make A To-do List And Reprioritize Regularly📝

    . It is not possible to remember everything you have to do and new things are constantly being Write it down. It will help you stay organized, and it will help you have a sense of accomplishment for your day.

  27. The Person Standing In Front Of You Comes First

    This can be hard sometimes with all the things that come at you. But, making sure that the resident who is there feels like they are being listened to is important. The ringing phone can wait. The emails and texts can wait. That person has a concern or issue and you want them to feel like a priority.

  28. Do One Thing At A Time.

    As much as you think you can, it is scientifically impossible to multitask. Something is not getting your full attention, which means it will probably need to be redone anyway. This is part of what makes number 27 so important.

  29. Do your most difficult or cumbersome tasks first

    .  Find the thing you want to do the least and get it knocked out first thing. That way they will not hang over your head. If there is a call you have to make that is going to be uncomfortable, then make it. It will be a huge relief and help you move on with your day with the dread of it.

  30. Use The Tools Provided For You🛠️

    Calendars, appointment reminders, Check scanners, Social media posting tools, Resident Engagement Apps like AVA, etc. These tools are there to help you. If you don't know how to use them, then ask someone and do it. But, I promise you that it will help you run things much more smoothly. ( Embrace Change, request more info from us. 🙂 )

  31. Get To Your Feet

    Stand up when someone comes in your office, no matter who they are. Let them know they are important to you. walk to the door and greet them and then walk them back to your office or where ever they want to start talking to you.

  32. Read Your Resident🔮

    Body language and facial expressions tell the whole story. If they don't seem to like your selling or communication style, adjust it! They are not going to adjust for you, they are going to go lease somewhere else. But, keep it all positive.

  33. Last But Not Least, HAVE FUN!💃

    People love having fun. If you are having fun, they will have fun. Just like Number 1 on our list, your attitude is contagious..

To find out all the great things AVA can do to help you create a happier, more loyal, and more engaged community Contact Us Today!