9 ways to ensure MAXIMUM attendance at your property events!

Event planning for your apartment community can be time-consuming. But, planning a great event takes a lot of time and your resident attendance normally shows. But, if you want to ensure that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste then read through our list of additional safeguards below so you get the reward of awesome attendance and the praise from your staff and management.

1. Make sure you have the right info about your residents.

What does this mean exactly? You need to know how to contact them. Their correct emails, phone numbers, etc. Plus, you need to make sure you know a little more about them than like what kind, of jobs they have, do they have kids?, are they married?, etc This will help you out with our second item on this list…. 

2. Make sure you have events your residents like.

This may sound simple. But, it isn’t. Most successful businesses constantly send out surveys to their customers asking them what they like the most or want more of. It should be no different than you. So, Key #1 to making sure your events are attended is asking your residents what they like or want more of. You might be surprised at the responses and their willingness to share. ( need any ideas for events, we have 29 here)

3. Make it easy for them to attend.

The participation is EASE. You’ve heard of the “easy button” from staples, right? Well, making sure you make your events as easy as possible to attend are crucial. Don’t ask them to bring anything. Provide as much of everything that you can. Now you can ask them to bring something if they would like to. But, never make it mandatory.

4. Provide quality food.

Great food creates lasting memories. We spend a large part of our lives eating, and eating, and eating some more. There are times you’ve gone places and not remembered what you did but the cool dish you ate. Your major league sports have figured this out. They offer cool food items at all their ballparks these days. So, making sure that we put in a little extra effort and have something more homemade will help your events cause. You don’t have to go crazy with this. But, a homemade layer dip or buffalo dip will go a long way. And, people will remember you and the event for it.

5. Have a cool or good give away.

So, you have a fun event picked out and to peak, interest making sure you have a good give away will get the crowds coming early. You can more times than not get something from one of your vendors or pick something out and have them “sponsor” you. The bigger the give away the better the attendance. While a basic giveaway might be welcomed once your residents arrive, it won’t be something that helps them decide to come.

6. Make sure they know about your event.

I know this is an “of course”, but making sure you make them aware of your event in the right way is the important part. Sometimes emails get ignored, door hangers end up on the ground. So, making sure you can hit them in a way that is in the palm of their hand is the best. If you have a way to text them or send a push notification then that would be best. So, making sure that you’ve done item number one in this list is super important. Have all the right contact info. Request Access To AVA

7. Ask For Help Promoting The Event From Other Residents.

No one wants to go to a party that no one else is going to. So, having a way to let your residents know that others are going will help them want to go. Popularity breeds popularity. So, you can recruit a couple of your die-hard loyalists to help you stir up the excitement for your event. Also, if you have a way to let your residents know how many of their fellows will be attending that helps too. ( and, I’m sure it would help you plan better for the event)

8. Make sure you remind them. 

  People get busy in their day to day lives and if you don’t remind them and go a little overboard doing so they will forget about you. The whole shiny object syndrome is a real thing. So, keep top of mind and make sure you let them know how much fun they will miss if they skip or forget. And, you can do this by emailing, texting, and if you have a cool app like AVA you can send them a push notification, text message and more. 😉


9. Make Sure they have a great time at the event so they will come to the next one!

 Last but not least…The number 1 thing that will ensure your event gets attend is Make sure your residents have a blast! Pull out the ultimate entertainer hat and get them involved, laughing and playing. If they have a good time they will tell other residents how much fun and then they will be much more likely to show back up to the next one.

At AVA we are all about building community and helping you engage better with your residents. The more engaged they are the more loyal they will be to your property. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you INCREASE Event Attendance & INCREASE Community Engagement Contact Us Today!