33 Ways To Make Sure Your Property Thrives!

There is a ton that goes into making sure a property performs at its peak…Or just makes sure it stays on its tracks some days.. So, we created a list of 33 things to consider to help make sure your property thrives and not just merely survives. Let Your Light Shine 🌞 Be contagious, Be positive, smile a bunch, and be … Read More

Fire Up Your Resident Engagement Program With Gamification

gamification, multifamily marketing, resident engagement

What is gamification? The process of adding games or game-like elements to something (such as a task) to encourage participation by allowing people to accumulate points, badges, or achievements for certain tasks. Why should I use gamification on my multifamily property? Let’s face it, we know the management above you is really after one real thing. Occupancy! You have to … Read More

Great Things You May Not Know You Can Do With Facebook Ads

multifamily facebook marketing tips and strategies

Facebook advertising is a great tool to use to advertise your business. As you well know by now, With Facebook dropping the organic reach of your normal facebook posts to 1-2% the only way to get your message seen is to spend money on the platform. But, did you know there is a ton more you can do through facebook … Read More

9 ways to ensure MAXIMUM attendance at your property events!

Event planning for your apartment community can be time-consuming. But, planning a great event takes a lot of time and your resident attendance normally shows. But, if you want to ensure that all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste then read through our list of additional safeguards below so you get the reward of awesome attendance and the … Read More

29 FUN Ideas To Put Your Apartment Event Calendar On Auto Pilot

We know that coming up with new ideas for events can be a little taxing. So, we’ve created a list of almost 30 event ideas you can put on for your apartment community. Some are short and sweet, requiring little to no commitment or investment, while others are much more thought out with lots of details and involvement. Yeah, you’ll … Read More