Fire Up Your Resident Engagement Program With Gamification

gamification, multifamily marketing, resident engagement

What is gamification?

The process of adding games or game-like elements to something (such as a task) to encourage participation by allowing people to accumulate points, badges, or achievements for certain tasks.

Why should I use gamification on my multifamily property?

Let's face it, we know the management above you is really after one real thing. Occupancy! You have to keep your properties flush with residents and in order to maintain their residency, you have to make the property fun and engaging.

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The ultimate point in using the tool of gamification is to increase resident engagement. Creating a sort of competition among residents can create immediate excitement! By dishing out points for completing different activities and tasks, you will see much higher participation in things going on at your property. Residents will begin attending more events, becoming more likely to pay rent on time, and taking ownership of the property by keeping it neat and clean – it's amazing what community will emerge with the nudge of a little competition!

How do you implement gamification on your property?

We've created a simple process that will help to implement this method at your property:

1) Point System

What are some things your resident can do to earn points?

  • attending events
  • submitting (verified) referrals
  • paying rent on time
  • submission of noise complaints
  • using any apps for services
  • reserving property amenities
  • liking, sharing, and commenting on your social media posts

This is just a start! Customize this based on your property and assign any number of points for each!

2) Leaderboard

There's no better way to get your residents talking than to put up a Leaderboard where everyone can see! Encourage residents to keep participating to see their names rise to the top.

3) Decide on Winners

Take a look at your Events Calendar and decide what's best for your property. Weekly, monthly, quarterly winners? Deciding this will help you plan upcoming events to encourage maximum engagement.

4) Get Some AWESOME Prizes

You'll be surprised at what people will do for a good prize. Just think back to what all you have done to win an awesome prize! If you want top participation, then you'll need to come up with several different prizes for the Top Winners.

5) Remind, Remind, Remind

In order to get maximum participation, you have to keep the hype up about the contest! So, plan out a few emails to send to residents throughout the month. You can also create or post to your facebook group or other social media outlets! You can also send out texts, push notifications and emails using AVA. 

Remember that the point of gamification is to increase engagement and attendance at property events. In order to make sure all your hard work doesn't go to waste, get residents pumped, get them engaged, and get them participating. In the end, it will keep them happy and loyal to your property and never wanting to leave.

If you would like more info on how AVA can help you better promote the events and programs you have on your property then contact us today!