Great Things You May Not Know You Can Do With Facebook Ads

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Facebook advertising is a great tool to use to advertise your business. As you well know by now, With Facebook dropping the organic reach of your normal facebook posts to 1-2% the only way to get your message seen is to spend money on the platform. But, did you know there is a ton more you can do through facebook than just boosting posts? You have loads of tools to target your demographic by their interests, likes, along with the basics of their age, sex, location and marital status. BUT, there are even more powerful ways to use facebooks advertising tools that will really refine your online marketing for your multifamily property. So, we have created a list below of all the cool features you should be taking full advantage of. However, we have also listed a few things that you will want to make sure you have set up before you spend a single penny on your Facebook advertising.

The Primary thing you have to do to make sure you take full advantage of all the things Facebook ads can do for your business is making sure your…

  • Facebook pixel installed

The facebook pixel is one of the strongest ad components on the planet. It is a special piece of code you put on your website. It helps you retarget and loads of other things. It is crucial in making sure you take full advantage of Facebook as an ad platform.

There are a few other things you need to make sure you have on your website first. So, here is a quick check off to make sure you are ready to do any advertising online. Make sure you have all this stuff handled. Otherwise, your ad campaigns will not be as effective as you need them to be.

  • Google Analytics installed

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    sample google analytics reports

This is the base of all the things you need to know about your website traffic. So, make sure this is done.. Please? You will be able to really tell how people are using your website and where all they come from to better evaluate your website traffic and ad spends.

  • Social icons on website

If you want to make the most of your social platforms you have to let people know you have them. Sometimes it’s not easy to find them searching, so do the basics and have them easily found by your website traffic before you have to spend any money.

  • Business listing claimed & under your control

Make Sure You Claim Your Business Listings- And, Ask For Reviews…

With people using maps to do searches more and more from their phones you have got to make sure your business is there. And you do it through business listings. Here are a few you need to consider: google, yelp, yellow pages, apple maps. Plus, you want to encourage happy residents to go leave reviews for you. It will boost your reputation and help those who don’t know much about you feel even better about contacting you.

  • Lead generation opportunities?

Do you have any way for your website visitors to leave you their email address? Are you providing any valuable content for them to download? If not you should be!  Collect an email or whatever data you can whenever possible. Take advantage of the fact that you are driving traffic to your website, and give them a reason to leave more than just their digital finger print. 

Once you’ve done all of the above, Now you are ready to start using the Facebook ad tricks listed below…

These tricks can be deployed to help you reduce your ad spending wasting big time. No more guessing on the target demos you need to reach. guaranteed to save you money on your advertising.

  • Retargeting Visitors 

Also called remarketing, This is the most simple use of Facebook ads. If someone comes to your website and doesn’t fill out a contact form you can retarget them with advertisements of all the great things your community has to offer. You can pick specific pages that they visited on your website and actions that they did or didn’t take as well. This is very useful in making sure that you do whatever you can to make get people who showed some interest back. The best approach is to offer them something special to return or to give them more reason to contact you back. This can be a discount, a testimonial, a reward for good service, a list of all the cool events you have, or more info about your property to help them feel more comfortable about you.

  • Look-a-like Audiences

What if there was a way to find people on facebook just like the people who have filled out your request quote forms,  schedule a tour forms, gone to the pricing pages, gone to your website in general? Well, Facebook gives you that ability. So, once you have a lot of traffic come to your website you can tell Facebook to create something called a look-a-like audience. So, Facebook takes all that traffic from people who have raised their hands and finds people who are just like them to run your ads to. This cuts down on guessing big time, and since they are similar in age, likes, times they use Facebook, interests, life phase, etc they are much more likely to be a quality person for your ads to be shown to and likely to get them to come to see your website and much more likely to become a customer.

  • Emails

So, collecting emails is a huge deal. Back years ago all you could use an email for is sending out email blasts to your subscribers. Now, through Facebook, you can use those emails to target people with ads. You create a custom audience and upload the emails and create the campaign for them. Normally they are current customers so sales and other promotions resonate. You can also create look-a-like audiences based on those emails. So, people that are similar to the folks who email addresses you entered. Again, similar people like similar things and are more likely to become customers. So, making much better use of your ad dollar letting facebook do all the targeting work for you. The Catch: it has to be an email address they used to sign up with Facebook. The last count I saw was around 40% of those emails are the same.

  • Mobile Phone Numbers

Yep, you can target people based off of their mobile phone numbers. How? Well, not sure if you remember but Facebook started asking you to enter your mobile phone number as a security feature. So, if you collect these from your customers you can target them directly or create look-a-like audiences. Normally, about 70% of the lists get reached by this method.

We hope you find all of this information useful for taking your marketing game to the next level for your multifamily property. For more information like this, please feel free to follow us on Facebook Or Instagram.

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