What Are The Top Features & Amenities That Attract Millennials To Apartments?

pet friendly renting options for apartments

We know, we know… with the growing rush to figure out ways to attract and retain millennials finding the right combination of amenities and features can be tricky. But, if you do want to have these super social sharing group in your community you need to make sure you have a healthy host of cool and fun features! So, we have scoured the internet and we think we have a great list for you.

  • Updated Kitchen and Bathroom

Upgrading the kitchens and bathrooms in an apartment is a quick and simple way to make a unit appear newer and more modern no matter how long ago it was built. Consider installing a new sink and bathroom fixtures, put in a subway-tile backsplash and upgrade boring countertops for quartz or granite in the kitchen. If the kitchen doesn’t have a garbage disposal or a dishwasher, now is definitely the time to add them.

  • Wood Floors

Let’s face it, carpets are full of allergens and dust mites. Not only is carpet nearly impossible to deep clean, it will immediately make an otherwise modern space look outdated. Wood flooring, on the other hand, is incredibly easy to clean and will fit in with any decor. Though the upfront cost may be pricier than carpet, hardwood flooring will last a whole lot longer and won’t need to be replaced every few years. Plus, wood flooring is much more pet-friendly than carpet. If you don’t want to splurge on real wood, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to. There are plenty of great wood-like flooring options that do the trick for a fraction of the cost.

  • Pet-Friendly

Most pet owners won’t even bother looking at listings that don’t make allowances for pets. Considering the fact that more people have pets nowadays, especially millennials, you will be missing out on many potential tenants by having a strict no-pet policy. Consider opening your apartment rental up to small pets under a certain weight, and ask for a pet deposit that will cover any cleaning you may have to pay for once the tenant moves out.

  • Smart Appliances

Home Automation is all the rage! If you really want to impress millennial renters, offer smart appliances – like Bluetooth light bulbs, smart temperature controls, high-end security systems and for sure, Wi-Fi and high-speed internet access. Renters will have no problem paying a little extra every month for these amenities if they know they’re top of the line. Make your building the smartest on the block and see how renters will flock to your door.

  • In-Home Washer and Dryer Unit

There is nothing worse than fighting over shared washers and dryers or hauling your laundry to the laundromat, which is why many renters are willing to pay more for a unit that includes a washer and dryer inside the apartment. At the very least, offer a place in the apartment with room for hookups so a tenant can purchase the appliances themselves. If at all possible, stay away from the coin-operated types – that is one quick way to make your apartment complex seem cheap and unappealing.

  • Storage Space

With apartments getting smaller and garages being more difficult to come by, renters expect more storage space. Can you capitalize on the space already offered within the unit or add additional storage options? Many tenants will gladly accept smaller living spaces if it means they have walk-in closets and secure spots to safely store their possessions like bicycles and camping gear.

  • Recreational Facilities

Statistically more active than older generations, millennials are more frequently into outdoor sports like biking, hiking, running and other fitness activities. If your property is located near any prominent outdoor recreation locations, like ski resorts, national parks, and lakes and rivers, make sure to include the driving distance to these hotspots. While millennials tend to gravitate toward city life when it comes to entertainment, they are equally enthusiastic about appreciating nature and playing outdoors. Something else to keep in mind is the on-campus amenities that you may be able to offer future residents, such as a pool, spa, sauna, biking trails, running trails, etc.

  • Health & Fitness Areas

Despite what some may believe, millennials are a part of an active generation. They’re looking for all sorts of workouts that are fun and constantly changing, with the goals of being healthier and looking better. They can’t do that without some space. Fitness centers in your building, or proximity to them, is a must.

  • Digital Communication

This goes without saying. But, most of your millennials are part of the digital age that has a phone in their face constantly. They don’t like face to face interactions or calls to their phones. They prefer to handle things on their terms… “on demand”. So, making sure you have an app to communicate with them and give them access to all of your amenities is crucial! This is the whole reason we created AVA, to help enhance your resident engagement for your community.

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Did your property make the cut? What features does your property have or plan to have in the future?